Can I hit chip shots to your greens?

Yes! Our innovative in-filled polypropylene artifical turf products are designed to perform like natural golf course greens, so your ball will react with the same spin and true roll of a natural surface. Whether you're chipping in your backyard putting green from two yards or on our Nicklaus Designed course from 200 yards, our synthetic golf greens will hold a shot as well as a natural grass green, ensuring your ball will not bounce or waver as it would on a nylon surface. 

How long does it take to install a synthetic golf green or other synthetic turf product?

Because every project is unique, the amount of time for installation is driven by factors like the size and complexity of the project, landscaping requirements, and weather conditions. Timelines may also be affected by accessibility and site preparation needs. Please contact us for an estimate on your particular project. 

How many sizes and shapes of golf greens do you offer?

Indoor or outdoor, the sky's the limit! Southwest Greens offers custom design expertise for golf greens in varying sizes and shapes for every client. Backyard golf greens for residential spaces average around 500 square feet,  while artifical golf greens for commercial space or Nicklaus Design golf courses average 1,500 square feet.  Our outdoor synthetic putting greens are tailored for each client, condidering available space as well as budget. 

What makes a Southwest golf green better than one made of nylon or other materials?

The high quality of the materials we use is an extremely important factor in achieving a top-flight golf green. Our professional products offer the rich, natural green look of natural grass as well as the soft feel and true performance characteristics lacking in nylon and other popular materials used in many artificial golf greens. 


Do you offer different kinds of lawn turf?

Southwest Greens offers an extensive list of the most technologically advanced synthetic grass fiber products on the market. Product recommendations will be made based on factors that include preferences, climate and expected surface traffic. 

How much do you save when you install artificial grass applications?

The lifestyle benefits and long-term cost savings amount to countless dollars and hours of labor saved over the product's lifetime. Today, customers are surprised to learn that the total cost of maintaining a natural sod lawn often exceeds the cost of installing a synthetic grass lawn before the product’s warranty expires. While most manufacturers’ synthetic grass warranties span 10 years, Southwest Greens offers a 15-year warranty on artificial grass products.

Cost savings for synthetic grasses and golf greens extends beyond the elimination of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. Artificial grass installation by Southwest Greens also significantly reduce water usage, saving each site thousands of gallons per year. 

Check out some of the other time-saving advantages of installing artificial grass!

What are the advantages of investing in synthetic lawn turf?

Many advantages come with your synthetic grass investment, including aesthetics, maintenance and cost. Southwest Greens synthetic turf applications are engineered to project the lush green color and softness of natural grass year round. Maintenance is minimal because artificial grass eliminates the need to mow, edge, pick, pull, water or fertilize.  Annual costs are significantly reduced because artificial grass eliminates the need for annual re‑sodding, topdressing, aeration or chemical applications.  


How is Southwest Greens different from other synthetic turf and golf green companies?

Southwest Greens is the acknowledged leader in the synthetic turf industry. Our commitment to research and development allows us to offer the highest quality and most advanced materials on the market today. With a range of turf products developed to replicate the look and feel of natural grass, our custom designs reflect the specific needs, climates and conditions of any area. All Southwest Greens installers are required to hold national certifications, your guarantee that products and professional workmanship will always be of the highest quality. 

How much does an artificial golf green or grass installation cost?

Southwest Greens' synthetic grass systems are comparable in cost to similar outdoor surfacing applications, like patios, decks and pool surroundings. The price for your synthetic grass application varies based on size and function of your project, as well as differences in site accessibility and environment.  Typically installations may range in cost from $14 to $25 per square foot, more or less depending on application function and additional features that can be incorporated. 

There is an unlimited amount of creativity involved in your artificial grass project for both outdoor and indoor use, whether it is for your backyard putting green, commercial landscaping or temporary engineering for portable golf greens.  What sets Southwest Greens apart is our certified construction practices and high-quality products that allow for natural looking and performing synthetic grass installations.

What maintenance is required for Southwest Greens synthetic turf products?

Our synthetic turf products require very little maintenance. For most synthetic turf applications, using a leaf blower and water hose to remove lawn and pet debris is enough to keep the surface clean. For golf greens, routine maintenance by your local SWG representative every 12-18 months is recommended; we will ensure smooth putts with regular check ups that include rolling the green and inspecting the areas around the cups for any adjustments. 

Who can install a Southwest Greens turf product?

Highly trained SWG designers and installers are the only personnel certified to design and install our turf materials. DIY purchases are available with consultation but will void any installation warranty.  

Will the synthetic turf fade over time? How durable is the turf? Typically, how long will it last?

Southwest Greens' original installations are 20 years old or older and continue to have the rich green color and texture of natural grass. Our UV-resistant synthetic grass products look and perform like new because they are engineered to withstand heavy traffic, extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations for year-round use. All installations come complete with a one-year workmanship warranty and manufacturer's warranty that covers fading.

Our artifical turf is designed to be used and is highly reccomended in high-traffic areas or for long-term sporting purposes.

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