A difference you can feel, not see

Whether you’re gardening in your yard, competing on a sports field or golfing on a putting green, Southwest Greens unique and patented synthetic turf cooling system known as HydroChill™ is an effective temperature-reducing solution for warm yards, sports fields and putting greens. HydroChill™ is most effective when the sun is closest to the earth’s surface, providing a proven cooling range as much as 50 degrees!
So, how does HydroChill™ work?
The technology is applied to a synthetic lawn and, when charged by water, removes heat from the turf system leaving a cooler, more comfortable surface. The cooling effect of HydroChill™ after rainfall or watering can last days depending on local conditions and is most significant when surface temperatures are hottest.

This is a huge relief for the more than 80 million Americans who experience 100-degree days every summer. Other developments in the past have made a slight difference in temperatures on synthetic lawns and fields, but most have proven ineffective in extreme temperatures. HydroChill™ changes that.

It cools your lawn like nature cools your body
We’re proud to deliver and install time-saving artificial turf solutions —allowing you to focus on the things that matter most. With our advanced HydroChill™ cooling technology we’ve taken on summer-time heat in a smart and easy way. Feet and paws appreciate the difference Southwest Greens delivers.


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