Mastering the Putt

Synthetic surfaces offer the best in low-maintenance, are waterless and free of inputs such as fertilizers  and pesticides. Constructed to exacting standards and designed by golfers, for golfers, Southwest Greens isn’t just in the turf business, it’s in the business of mastering your game.  Fashioned to your preferences our greens can be adjusted to your speed preferences whether it be the best country club green or a professional tour green. Likewise, bunkers, tee boxes and controlled shots are par for the course. 

Residential greens differ significantly from typical lawn turf in that there is an unprecedented mastery involved during the installation. Basework, cup placement, undulations and turf selections are all critical features to a backyard golf putting green that adds value to both your game, your family and your home.  Our  expertise, of course, carries over to other areas of the home including sport courts, lawns and bocce & tennis courts.  While building greens is a passion of ours, building legends is yours.

What makes a Southwest golf green better than one made of nylon or other materials?

The high quality of the materials we use is an extremely important factor in achieving a top-flight golf green. Our professional products offer the rich, natural green look of natural grass as well as the soft feel and true performance characteristics lacking in nylon and other popular materials used in many artificial golf greens. 


How long does it take to install a synthetic golf green or other synthetic turf product?


Because every project is unique, the amount of time for installation is driven by factors like the size and complexity of the project, landscaping requirements, and weather conditions. Timelines may also be affected by accessibility and site preparation needs. Please contact us for an estimate on your particular project.



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