Southwest Greens is not just a product, but also a soltution - one that uses substantially less water each year, significantly reduces toe impact on Mother Nature, and requires far less maintenance. So, less is more.

Southwest Greens is a division of Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet producer, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., a leading Fortune 500 Company. You can rely on Southwest Greens for professional expertise and you can trust that we will be here to honor our professional commitment and  product warranties that exceed industry norms.

Southwest Greens artificial turf products are safe, comfortable, high performance surfaces with advanced backing systems that conform to contours and ensure maximum drainage, delivering an unmatched variety of products to different market segments including residential and commercial clients.

Fully integrated manufacturing and supply chain for complete control of product quality from design to installation

  • The world’s largest and most advanced sports science laboratory for product development and product testing

  • Unlimited tufting capacity, fiber extrusion and in-house secondary coating capabilities

  • 100% fully recyclable synthetic turf systems that can be repurposed a variety of ways, including a patented process used to make other flooring products as well as energy reclamation in our state-of-the-art Re2E facility


The Shaw Turf division houses the industry’s largest and most advanced sports science laboratory for product development and testing. The 13,000-square foot Sports Science Laboratory includes cutting-edge testing equipment and a full-time staff creating and testing engineered synthetic turf solutions for multiple applications and markets.

Artificial turf products are designed and tested around athlete/surface and ball/surface interactions to ensure the right combination of safety, durability and performance.

In addition to lab space, Southwest Greens also features over 18,000 square feet of on-site, outdoor field testing plots so synthetic grass products are not only subjected to simulated testing but real-world exposure.


Southwest Greens built its reputation on quality installations and creating golf greens that react like a natural, tour quality golf green for over 20 years. You won’t find another company more committed to exceeding your expectations.

Our experienced, certified technicians ensure expert installation from start to finish to guarantee each synthetic turf system will perform over time.

Leveraging our success in mastering quality synthetic golf green production and installation — the most technically challenging of any synthetic grass installation — we have evolved to include other applications.

Requiring the upmost in technical precision, installing a practice green for a PGA TOUR pro is no walk in the park. Believing in our quality and expertise, PGA TOUR pros Vijay Singh, Sergio Garcia, Jim Furyk and many others use Southwest Greens custom-designed, sand-filled synthetic golf greens to work on their game from the comfort of their homes.

Kid-Safe, Pet-Friendly

Southwest Greens synthetic grass can be designed for extra-soft landings, and the nature of our products eliminates itching, sneezing and the stains associated with real grass. Our artificial turf solutions eliminate the need to expose loved ones and pets to harmful chemicals necessary to treat natural grass.

Have pets? Our synthetic grass backing system is made with urethane technology allowing superior flow-through for drainage without the mud. Smells and unsightly dead spots will be a thing of the past. Synthetic turf also keeps fleas and ticks away giving you peace of mind and saving money.

Ease of Maintenance

Southwest Greens’ products are resilient, resist matting, do not fade in the sun and are tough enough to handle heavy foot traffic. Soft and natural yet extremely durable, it’s ideal for extreme climates and locations with heavy use.

Save time – never dispose of leftover lawn clippings again! Simply keep the artificial turf surface clean with a sweeper or leaf blower. DIY or rely on us to routinely check infill levels.

Luxury Living

Your project demands the best in class artificial turf available.  With over thirty heights and styles to select from, Southwest Greens artificial grass solutions are meticulously designed to simulate the actual look, feel and performance of natural grass.

Always green and lush, our synthetic grass is made of a special polyethylene blend of long-bladed, grass fibers which are designed to last a lifetime. Each blade maintains a real-life luster without fading in the sun, guaranteeing our synthetic turf products will never wilt and are always well-manicured, unlike real grass.

The “Green” Alternative

Environmentally-friendly, Southwest Greens signature collection of products conserve water, eliminate the use of fertilizers and pesticides, and are heavy metal free. Plus, it’s the only synthetic grass that uses 100 percent recyclable materials!

Despite the preliminary cost, homeowners, business owners and municipal managers experience long term savings. Based on customers’ reports, most estimate a two to five year payback on their synthetic grass investment.

Installing artificial grass solutions saves millions of gallons of water each year and reduces pollution byproducts due to mowing equipment use. Ask us how your project contributes to U.S. Green Building Council LEED points for environmental efficiency.

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Our reputation has been built on crafting golf greens - surfaces that demand the most out of both products and installation. Two decades of workmanship around the globe have provided the expertise for the best in lawn, golf, recreation and outdoor pet solutions.


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