Southwest Greens is not just a product, but also a soltution - one that uses substantially less water each year, significantly reduces toe impact on Mother Nature, and requires far less maintenance. So, less is more.
The “Green” Alternative

Environmentally-friendly, Southwest Greens signature collection of products conserve water, eliminate the use of fertilizers and pesticides, and are heavy metal free. Plus, it’s the only synthetic grass that uses 100 percent recyclable materials!

Kid-Safe, Pet-Friendly

Southwest Greens synthetic grass can be designed for extra-soft landings, and the nature of our products eliminates itching, sneezing and the stains associated with real grass. Have pets? Our turf backing system is made with urethane technologyallowing superior flow-through for drainage.

Ease of Maintenance

Southwest Greens'  products are resilient, resist matting, do not fade in the sun and are tough enough to handle heavy foot traffic. Soft and natural yet extremely durable, it’s ideal for extreme climates and locations with heavy use.


Southwest Greens stands by its products and installation with exceptional customer service. We provide product and installation warranties that exceed industry norms. 


Southwest Greens built its reputation on quality installations and creating golf greens that react like a natural, tour quality golf green. You won’t find another company more committed to exceeding your expectations

Projects We're Proud Of

Our reputation has been built on crafting golf greens - surfaces that demand the most out of both products and installation. Two decades of workmanship around the globe have provided the expertise for the best in lawn, golf, recreation and outdoor pet solutions.


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